A Qualifier for the Gamers8, with a prize pool of $45M



May 16 - 18

Gamers8 World's Largest Gaming and Esports Festival


Through Direct Relief, we are increasing access to medicine for vulnerable people in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Through Gavi, we are helping zero-dose children in lower-income countries who are not immunized, thus leaving them vulnerable to many of the world's most deadly diseases.

Through International Medical Corps we are helping people facing sudden disaster, war and disease get the lifesaving medicines, supplies and care they need to survive.

With UNICEF we are supporting children affected by conflicts and wars, to protect them before, during, and after conflicts.

With UNHCR we are supporting refugees and displaced persons around the world with the goal of raising awareness and garnering support for the critical needs of refugees in numerous areas, including health, shelter, sanitation, and livelihoods.

King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Center is managing and coordinating relief activities on the international level to ensure the provision of aid where needed around the world.